Greetings from Providence, RI!

The months of October and November have been CRAZY!!!!!

The run of She Loves Me in Sherborn was brief but successful. Doug Hodge is a great director and it was a privilege to work with him again. Rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance are going well. They’d better be, because we open in a week and a half.

In other news since my last post, I got engaged and bought a house on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island. Moving has been practically a full-time job, but things are starting to settle down. Now it’s time for me to find some work.

I decided not to renew my paid listing on Agency Pro. It’s only $120 a year, but it wasn’t doing anything for me when I lived in Boston and now that I’m down here it just doesn’t seem worth it. So in a few days, might not work anymore (I don’t remember if you still get a public website with a free listing at Agency Pro).

Off to work on my resume(s)….

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