I started writing short plays in 2005. I’ve had four of them produced so far:

Not On My Watch

Not On My Watch is a very brief romance set in the not-too-distant future. Hansen and Ilana cross paths in a public park and are drawn together by the matchmaking software on their watches. Over the course of ten minutes, they get to know each other, and are surprised by how much they have – and don’t have – in common.

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Life Savings

In Life Savings, Angela and Raymond wake up in the middle of the night to find their Southern California hillside home in danger of falling into the sea. They have just minutes to salvage a few priceless possessions and escape. That’s plenty of time … if they can manage not to destroy their relationship in the process.

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The Flaming of the Shrew

William Shakespeare meets Quentin Tarantino in this exceptionally tasteless comedy. Written entirely in iambic pentameter, The Flaming of the Shrew depicts the trial of a young woman accused of witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake. Two princes argue before the king that she should not be burned. Unfortunately for the witch, sparing her life is not on the princes’ agenda. For mature audiences only.

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So Close

Sharon and Al are close, but not close enough. In So Close, we see them on the verge of a major breakthrough in their relationship. Will Al be able to be honest with Sharon, or will they get bogged down by their daily rituals?

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