Life Savings

Production History

10-Minute Play Festival, Fire Rose Productions, North Hollywood, Calif. January 2010
Herring Run ArtsFest, Middleborough, Mass. September 2006
FastFest, Minnesota Association of Community Theaters June 2006
New Play Festival, Chameleon Theatre Circle, Lakeville, Minn.  (Audience Favorite) February 2006
Ten Minute Play Festival, Theatre One Productions, Middleborough, Mass. February 2006



  • ANGIE KELSO, a woman in her 40’s or 50’s
  • RAYMOND KELSO, her husband, roughly the same age

SETTING: A hillside home in Southern California

ANGIE and RAYMOND lie asleep in bed. The bedroom door is on one side of the stage, and a dim light shines through the large bedroom window on the opposite side. There is a closet as well, and a nightstand with a telephone. A heavy rain is falling. There is a loud, rumbling noise. ANGIE sits up and looks around to see what’s going on.

ANGIE (whispering, then speaking): Raymond. Raymond.

RAYMOND (dreaming): Why would I want 50 pickles?

ANGIE: Honey, wake up. I heard something.

RAYMOND: Whaa …?

ANGIE: Honey, I’m scared, I heard a really loud noise outside.

RAYMOND: That’s too many pickles.

Another rumbling noise. ANGIE shakes RAYMOND awake.

ANGIE: There, did you hear that?

RAYMOND: Huh? It’s thunder, go back to sleep.

ANGIE: I know what thunder sounds like, thank you very much. That wasn’t thunder.

RAYMOND: Shhh. I have to buy the pi…

(he falls asleep again)

ANGIE: Typical. Jesus, it is really pouring.

Another rumble, louder still than the previous two.

ANGIE (CONT’D): Holy guacamole!

ANGIE gets out of bed and goes to the window. RAYMOND groans and slowly sits up.

ANGIE (CONT’D): Aaahh!!! Landslide! Landslide! The neighbors’ house is sliding down the hill!

RAYMOND: No shit, are you serious?

RAYMOND turns on the light, gets out of bed and joins her at the window.

RAYMOND (CONT’D): OK, you were right, it wasn’t thunder.

ANGIE opens the window and they look outside.

ANGIE: Look, the whole thing is breaking up!

RAYMOND: Wow. Can you see them?


RAYMOND: The neighbors.

ANGIE: No. I hope they’re OK. What are their names again?

RAYMOND: I have no idea. Their car’s not in the driveway. I bet they’re out of town. Wow, that was scary, huh?

RAYMOND goes back to bed and turns out the light.

ANGIE: Are you crazy?


RAYMOND turns on the light.

RAYMOND (CONT’D): Come back to bed.


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