What was I saying?

What was I saying?

I found out last night after Googling myself (which I recommend to everyone with a reasonably distinctive name) that I was quoted in an IT trade journal back in January, right after the Vista / Office 2007 launch.

Unfortunately, the quote doesn’t really make much sense. The article is about a panel presentation at which Microsoft and some Microsoft-using companies showed off some fancy things they’ve done with the new software. It notes that they “faced some down-to-earth questions from attendees.” Then comes this part:

Another attendee, David Schrag, who identified himself as a problem-solver for Schrag Consulting, Brighton, Mass., said the solutions demonstrated on Wednesday would likely be too costly for small businesses that have an annual budget of $1 million to $5 million and can only spend $10,000 to $20,000 on products and $15,000 on services in one year.

“Do you see small companies buying hosted applications rather than buying software in-house?” Schrag asked.

OK, the first paragraph I understand. But what the heck was I getting at with that question?

If I remember correctly, one of the speakers from Microsoft was saying that in the past, developing complex applications was so difficult and expensive that companies were going with ASP solutions like salesforce.com and NetSuite rather than building their own applications, and that with the Office 2007 system it would now be easier for companies to buy Microsoft products and build their own applications. If that’s what he said, then it would have been reasonable for me to ask what Microsoft had in mind for the very small businesses that couldn’t possibly develop the kind of applications that were being showcased during the presentation. But I must admit, I really don’t remember what the hell I was talking about. Oh, well. All PR is good PR, right?

Here’s a link to the full article.

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