Can you hear me now? Not if you’re a voicemail in .WAV format.

Can you hear me now? Not if you’re a voicemail in .WAV format.

I recently switched to a VoIP service (much more on that later) that can send me my voicemail as e-mail. Cool. But when I try to open them on my Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, all I get is this error:

“Cannot play back the audio stream: the audio format is not supported.”

A fuller explanation of this problem, along with a couple suggested solutions, is in this Windows Mobile blog. Unfortunately, the link to a recommended third-party product ( seems to be dead. According to this forum, the software is now available here. Someone else in the same forum suggested VLC, but the Pocket PC version doesn’t seem to be ready.

There is a Palm knowledgebase article on this as well, but it basically throws up its hands.

MotionApps makes a product called mVoiceMail that purports to solve this problem, but it has a minimum quantity of 10 licenses and doesn’t seem to support my PPC 6700 anyway.

TCPMP seems to be the way to go. I have my doubts about downloading from a Hungarian web site named after a Star Trek character, but I will try it anyway. Can’t do it right now — I’ll let you know how I make out.

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