SBS 2008: Five quarters away?

SBS 2008: Five quarters away?

We know that Microsoft is expecting a little baby Cougar. Is it possible that we’ve just been tipped off to its name and due date?

Today I got a promotional e-mail from Dell that was pushing Software Assurance. Included there, without fanfare, was this bit of what was news to me:

“Windows Small Business Server 2008 will roll out in Fall 2008”

Surely there has been speculation about a release date but as of last month in New Orleans the SBS folks were being quite cagey about dates. Even the name was hush-hush.

I just did a Google search and got these results:

Your search – “small business server 2008” – did not match any documents.

Is this a leak of Valerie Plame proportions? Or is this just some sales guy at Dell guessing about names and dates along with everyone else?

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