Maybe iPhone can work with Exchange after all

Maybe iPhone can work with Exchange after all

As a review I mentioned recently points out, getting an iPhone to work with Exchange is … well, let’s just say there’s a reason that part is not included in Apple’s snazzy iPhone commercials. Chris Rue illustrates this point as well (literally). So I’m not going to be recommending iPhones to my clients. But sooner or later, one of the business owners is going to get one as a birthday or Christmas present and I’m not going to want to say “no.” I’m hoping that by the time that happens, there will be some third-party technology available to help me, and this article from eWeek suggests that may be the case.

I’m a little concerned, though, about the part that says this new technology will use Outlook Web Access as the synchronization tool. BlackBerries can do that, too, but all you get is mail. No calendar, no contacts, no tasks. You can sync those items with a BlackBerry, but only through a USB cable, not over the mobile network.

Memo to business owners’ spouses: stay clear of the iPhone aisle. 

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