Modifying hosts or lmhosts in Vista

Modifying hosts or lmhosts in Vista

Still waiting for WebHost4Life to set up my SharePoint hosting site, so in the meantime I set up an account at instead. Setup wasn’t instant, but at least it didn’t require me to contact support. I just had to wait 23 minutes after placing the order until an e-mail arrived with further instructions. Mail2web understands that we are impatient people, so their welcome message includes the following instructions:

Please note that since this is a new account, you may not be able to reach your site just yet. It can take from 24 – 48 hours before your domain name information has been updated at your ISP, which is required before you can view and manage your site using your domain name.

To view your site, while your domain is being setup or transferred you will need to make an entry into your local host file to resolve your server address. Your host file can usually be found in the following location on a Microsoft Windows operating system: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ but this will vary based on the operating system. If you can’t find it, do a search for ‘HOSTS’.

Once you have the file open, you will see an entry like this: localhost

You will need to add this second line [real IP and hostname concealed to protect the innocent]

Once you’ve completed this step and re-saved the host file you will be able to view your site, but only on the computer where you have made this modification. We recommend that you remove this entry once your domain name has been transferred and subsequently use your for access.

That’s all well and good, but they didn’t anticipate that I would be using Vista. Because changing the hosts file is a common malware practice, Vista makes it really hard to do, even for users with administrative credentials. Instructions for getting around the restrictions are provided here.

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