Pardon me, do you speak HelpDesk?

Pardon me, do you speak HelpDesk?

WebHost4Life’s SharePoint hosting architecture seems to mirror that of Mail2Web. Both of these companies allow me to create a SharePoint site in a subdomain of a domain hosted elsewhere, unlike 1&1. Both WebHost4Life and Mail2Web allow me to access my site at a fixed IP address prior to creating an A record in my authoritative DNS servers, provided that I modify the hosts file on the machine that will access the SharePoint site. Neither company warned me that I would have problems modifying the hosts file in Vista. However, Alvin from WebHost4Life did give me this rather peculiar admonishment:

ATTENTION: Please delete the entry [in your hosts file] after the testing. Or you will by pass the public DNS record and might direct you to the wrong server, and unmoral behavior might come out.

If that happens, I’ll try to capture it on video. I’m particularly curious about exactly where that unmoral behavior will be coming out from. The USB port, perhaps? Or the PCMCIA card slot?

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  1. alvin
    September 23rd, 2007 | 2:38 pm

    As the host file is changed. your computer will use the IP and hostname listed in the “hostfile” rather than the PUBLIC DNS. If the domain name is no longer pointed to the same server as listed in the “hostfile”. You might go to a old server, as other visitor are going to the server that is listed in the public domain.

    This is meaning you might visiting difference servers even changed the DNS in the real world.

    More reference can be found in :

    If you still not sure what I am talking about. I do suggest you contact webhost4life support team. 🙂

  2. September 24th, 2007 | 11:03 am

    Alvin, are you the same Alvin who works for WebHost4Life? If so, I think you have proven my point. The purpose of my post was not to seek help understanding what the hosts file does. I already understand that. The point of the post was to show that I often get responses from help desk employees that are either unintelligible or inadvertently comical because they display such a poor command of the English language. In this case, the phrase “unmoral behavior might come out” seems to be a literal translation of something that might make sense in the author’s native language but that is certainly not a phrase that a native English speaker would use in this context.

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