Using WLW? Don’t forget to update account configuration.

Using WLW? Don’t forget to update account configuration.

I knew that the latest version of Windows Live Writer had a bunch of new features, including the ability to create new WordPress pages as well as posts. But when I tried to create a new page, I found the File menu item grayed out. To fix this, I went to Edit Weblog Settings … in the WLW Weblog menu. I clicked on View Capabilities and saw a screen like this:


The problem was that the Pages value was set to No. I clicked on Update Account Configuration and stepped through the wizard without changing any settings. My blog’s capabilities were downloaded into WLW and I can now create pages, add categories on the fly, see my category list hierarchically, and probably do many other things I haven’t discovered yet. I had to repeat this step for my "personal" blog, The Schrug.

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