Using the registry to fix file association problems

Using the registry to fix file association problems

When you install a software program it’s supposed to tell your operating system what kinds of files it’s supposed to open. For example, .doc files are generally association with Microsoft Word, .one files with Microsoft OneNote, and .mp3 with one or more media players such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. Occasionally this gets mixed up, and you can usually solve the problem by going to Folder Options in Windows Explorer | Tools, clicking on the File Types tab, and then selecting the kind of document that’s giving you a problem and choosing which application should handle that extension.

A while back my laptop stopped handling .pdf files appropriately. And no matter how many times I tried to associate the .pdf extenstion with Adobe Reader, I couldn’t make it “stick.” It wasn’t a catastrophe, because I could always open Acrobat Reader first and then open the file I wanted to view. But not being able to open an attachment in Outlook without saving it to disk first was rather annoying.

I finally got around to solving this problem today by editing the registry. The details are described in this Adobe forum post.

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