My thoughts on Open Value Subscription, published

My thoughts on Open Value Subscription, published

I noted my reaction to Microsoft’s new license subscription model a few weeks ago. In anticipation of the program’s March 3 launch, Redmond Channel Partner magazine has published a story in which yours truly is quoted. They were even kind enough to put a link to The Schlog in the “More Information” section. Have I earned the status of “pundit” yet, or do I need to be on TV first?

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  1. ranhooper
    March 15th, 2008 | 4:04 am

    Other than extremely cash strapped businesses….

    OVS might be a good solution for people in the mortgage/real estate business. Of course they never really think about having to downsize dramatically like most of them have been forced to do. Another use would be for someone that is planning on retiring/closing or selling the business in three years.

    Haven’t thought of any other real uses.

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