Nifty script to list all Exchange e-mail addresses

Nifty script to list all Exchange e-mail addresses

It’s harder than you’d think to produce a list of all the e-mail addresses that are on your Exchange server. I found a Visual Basic script that will produce such a list. A sample entry for a single user looks like this:

cn: David Schrag
Proxy Addresses

(I really should have replaced the @ symbol with some other symbol above to cut down on incoming spam, but my actual e-mail address is all over the Internet and my spam filter does an excellent job of blocking the junk.)

The script is available at Bharat Suneja’s blog. It separates out regular users from external contacts and disabled users. After extracting it, run the script from a command prompt on your Exchange server.

Other ways to accomplish the same goal are suggested in this reprint of a thread in a Microsoft newsgroup.

There are probably more elegant tools out there. What I’d really like to see as output is an expanded but simplified version of the above, like this:

User: David Schrag

Public Folder: Info

Distribution Group: Management

Some numbering would be cool, too, but not necessary. Anyone know of a tool that can give me the user-friendly output I seek?

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  1. November 11th, 2009 | 9:02 am

    Hi David,
    Great tool, I will try to use it with my stuff 🙂
    Janet Gify

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