Microsoft’s take on conflict of interest for resellers

Microsoft’s take on conflict of interest for resellers

As I was reviewing the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement, I noticed this paragraph:

Potential conflicts of interest. In situations where Company is receiving any compensation (money or otherwise) from a Customer for providing pre-sales support, or where Company has a fiduciary relationship with a Customer, Company has a potential conflict of interest. In these cases, or when Company is otherwise required to do so by applicable law, Company must not act in a manner that puts its interest in the Fee [for selling Microsoft services] ahead of the Customer’s interests so as to be unfair to the Customer.

I was glad to see that, because it’s consistent with what I said about consultants, contractors, and vendors. (Speaking of which, I just noticed that although comments are requested on that page, you can’t actually make any. That must be new since I switched templates. I’ll see if I can do something about that.)

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