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The Schlog sells out

If you’re getting The Schlog via RSS feed, you probably haven’t noticed anything different. But if you’ve been to (a.k.a., you’ve seen that there’s been a major makeover. The Schlog has been commercialized. I’m not under the illusion that putting ads on my blog is going to let me quit my day job. […]

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Using WLW? Don’t forget to update account configuration.

I knew that the latest version of Windows Live Writer had a bunch of new features, including the ability to create new WordPress pages as well as posts. But when I tried to create a new page, I found the File menu item grayed out. To fix this, I went to Edit Weblog Settings … […]

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Windows Live Writer beta 2.0 released

This is old news, actually. It was released at the end of May. But WLW doesn’t have the highest profile among Microsoft applications. Because it’s free, perhaps? Anyway, you can read about the new features and download it here. Be sure to read about known issues here. And here’s a picture of the new GUI: […]

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Schlog down! Schlog needs assistance!

All of a sudden, Windows Live Writer was dead. When I tried to post something, I got: Network Connection Error Error attempting to connect to weblog at: The remote server returned an error: (406) Not Acceptable. I did some research and found this suggestion at create an empty text file. put this in […]

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The Schlog and The Schrug have a new home

I don’t demand 100% uptime from web hosts. I expect it, but I understand that things happen. So it took not one, not two, not three, but at least four site-down situations before I gave up on ANHosting / midPhase, the original host of The Schlog and The Schrug. And those were just the outages […]

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Useful stuff from the March 2007 PC World

What’s worth reading this month? Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader version 7 need patches Review of 5 blogging platforms, including WordPress (which runs The Schlog) Review of teeny, tiny Fujitsu notebook “35 Things Every PC User Should Know,” most importantly: How to secure your wireless network Learning to use the Event Viewer Troubleshooting wireless connectivity […]

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The case of the missing /font

After posting something that included some text in a smaller font, I noticed that all subsequent posts on that page were displayed in that same small font. But if I opened a “small font” post in its own window by clicking the post’s title, the font went back to normal. Turns out that when a […]

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How to add images and files to a WordPress post

Very useful information: Using Image and File Attachments « WordPress Codex Example: This post includes a link to a file that’s available for public download: SCHRAG’s Five P’s of Computer Network Management

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Posted in All, WordPress on Oct 25th, 2006, 7:15 pm by David Schrag