Need a Groove Server? Maybe, maybe not.

Need a Groove Server? Maybe, maybe not.

Here’s a good explanation of how the components of Microsoft Groove fit together.

Although after reading this, I still have a question: Can people who buy Office Groove 2007 (retail box) or Office Enterprise (volume licensing) share data via the Internet as soon as they install Groove, or do they have to purchase GES? I have Groove 2007 through the MS Action Pack and I’ve been able to use it without purchasing additional relay services (as far as I know). Yet the blog post seems to suggest that peer-to-peer Grooving without a relay is limited to communication within a LAN. I’m confused.

Update, August 1: Ian Watkins has pointed me to the answer, found at the Microsoft Groove “How To Buy” page:

Note: Office Groove 2007, purchased as a standalone program or as part of Office Enterprise 2007, can be deployed without hosted or on-premise server infrastructure. In this configuration, users will manually create their own Office Groove 2007 accounts, which will automatically be provisioned to a Microsoft-hosted version of Groove Server Relay to enable data routing between Office Groove 2007 clients that cannot connect directly. To gain the advantages of centralized management and control of Office Groove 2007 clients, organizations require Groove Enterprise Services or Office Groove Server 2007. Organizations with large Office Groove 2007 deployments requiring directory integration, centralized auditing, network optimization, and data integration should purchase Office Groove Server 2007.

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