New Microsoft Curse: the PBSOE2K7NOPIV

New Microsoft Curse: the PBSOE2K7NOPIV

Most Microsoft Windows users have heard the term BSOD, meaning Blue Screen of Death. That’s what you see when Windows crashes so hard that it can’t even give you a little error window with an OK and Cancel button. Fortunately, those are becoming less and less common. But now I’ve got a new one that looks like this:


I call it the PBSOE2K7NOPIV, which is short for Pale Blue Screen of Excel 2007 Not Opening Properly in Vista. This happens every now and then when I double-click on an Excel file in Windows Explorer to launch Excel 2007. I don’t know what causes it yet. I can almost always fix it by closing the window — there’s no close button so I have to right-click on the taskbar button and choose close — and then relaunching the file.

Next time this happens to you, just call up Microsoft tech support and tell them you got the PBSOE2K7NOPIV. They’ll know what you mean.

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