You’re (I mean Your) My Documents

You’re (I mean Your) My Documents

I frequently need to write instructions to people about doing something with their My Documents folders. So I start writing something like “Right-click on your My …” WHOA! It changes to “Right-click on you’re my” — that’s not what I want.

After suffering silently with this for years (it was only a few letters to type over, after all) I finally decided to find out where this auto-correction was hidden. Because there were no misspelled words involved, I figured this had to be a grammar checker issue. So I went into Word Options, Proofing, and Settings for grammar checking. First I tried disabling the Possessives and Plurals check. That wasn’t it. Then I disabled the Punctuation check. Still no love. I concluded it had to be a spell-checker after all. So I went into the AutoCorrect options and scrolled way down to the bottom of the list to find the culprit:


I deleted the offending entry, and now I can write about your My Documents folder without interruption.

Posted in All, Office 2007, Software, Technology on Jan 31st, 2008, 3:33 pm by David Schrag   

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